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Price Match

If one of our competitors offers a lower price on any of our products (excluding electronic devices) in our store, Simply show us the advertisement our point us to the lower price product and we will sell you the item at the same price or lower.

Our competitors and geographapical trade area's are determined solely by us and are determined and are based on a number of factors which change from time to time including comparable products and sizes.


Why should I buy from Discount Till Rolls?

Discount Till Rolls Ltd is a 100% Irish owned company! Supporting Jobs in both Ireland & the UK.

Discount Till Rolls has a Unique Pricing Strategy. Discount Till Rolls is a dynamic and progressive wholesaler of grade one Paper Rolls and Products servicing the retail and ticketing industries Ireland/UK wide. Unlike traditional POS/Till Roll dealers and most other sites on the Internet our pricing model is Not based on a % markup. We take each product on an individual basis and price it according to competition. In almost every case, this allows us to aggressively price our products below our competition. In some cases, we make them look downright silly.

Our volume allows us to have special pricing with our vendors that is then passed on to you through our lower prices on our sites. Yes, you really will save money by buying from our site and you never pay for shipping.

  • Paper Guarantee: The thermal paper we use is produced by one of the best paper mills in Europe:  Koehler Paper Group. This paper mill has been active in the global market for more than 100 years and uses only certified raw materials: a guarantee for our products! For more information visit www.koehlerpaper.com
  • Worried about chemicals used on thermal paper ? Check out our sister site BPA Free Paper Rolls
  • Free Shipping On All Orders. FREE Delivery on all orders to any destination in the Ireland North & South & the UK. Next Day Delivery on till rolls ordered before 2pm. Shop our sites knowing that "The Price You See Is The Price You Pay" We never play any tricks with shipping. Tricks like lowering the price and then hiding fees in the shipping charges. We eliminate any and all fees, exposing some other sites that try to play games with their pricing. With Discount Till Rolls, What You See Is What You Pay.

    **** UK Orders  ORDERED BEFORE 1pm delivered next day Mon to Friday..

    In addition to our knowledgeable staff, we also process your orders immediately. No long waiting time with us. In most cases we ship your order the same business day you place it.

    How can I contact you?

    You can find all our contact details Here.

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    Unit 4 , St Anthonys Business Park

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    Dublin 22

    Email: sales@discounttillrolls.ie

    Ph: +353 (0)1 4433964

    Mobile: 087 9733425

    UK Local PH: +44 (0)20 8144 4475


    How much do you charge for delivery?


    Can i get Bigger Discounts?

    • YES! For large quantities we offer Bigger Discounts, supplying pallets and mixed pallet deliveries

    How long will it take to get my goods?

    • Orders of Till Rolls placed before 2:00PM UK & Ireland are dispatched same day using a next day service. Printers/Cash Registers and Labels 2/3 days for delivery.  Please note that deliveries take place Monday to Friday. This means an order placed on Friday (before 2pm) will be delivered on Monday.

     Which payment methods do you accept?

    1. We use Paypal who accept all major credit card. You do Not need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

      • Card payment can to be made by Phone: 01 443396.

      • Credit / Debit Cards can be use Securely on the site.

      • Payment can also be made by cheque or Bacs payments.

      • Credit cards & Debit cards will be debited the same day as you place your order.


    What is Thermal paper?

    The surface of thermal paper is coated with a solid-state mixture of a dye and with chemicals (Bisphenol) which are sensitive to heat. When thermal paper is exposed to heat, for example in a thermal printer, there is a change in colour of the paper because of the heat. The reaction produces an image on the paper which is dark and strong.

    Credit Card Rolls

    We carry credit card PDQ Rolls for every credit card terminal in both the UK & Ireland. All credit card rolls are branded Till Rolls.ie our customers see this as a guarantee of the paper quality.


    Are all your till rolls made using Grade A paper?

    Yes, we would not sell any other till rolls. Using Grade A, dustless till rolls results no printer clogging. We recommend you only use Grade A, and be wary of anyone trying to sell you rolls without telling you the grade of paper.

    Is my credit card information secure with you?

    Your account data is probably safer in a secure online shopping environment like Paypal than it is with any local, town merchant. No one, as far as we know, has ever intercepted an encrypted credit transaction or penetrated a secure server and deciphered an account number.

    What does POS stand for?

    POS stands for Point of Sale. This is a wide-ranging definition that can include all display and merchandising methods used to enable transactions. Point of Sale products refers to both the hardware and software that essentially helps run a business. The POS can refer to: cash register systems, cash registers, point of sale terminals, POS receipt printers, POS pole displays, OEM printers, and all other point of sale equipment.

    What is a receipt printer?

    A receipt printer is necessary for all point of sale systems. There are one or two cash drawer ports on the back of your receipt printer for direct attachment. The receipt printer and cash drawer will share a single port on your PC. You have several options to choose from when choosing a pos receipt printer including thermal printers, impact printers, automatic paper cutters, parallel or serial ports, printer speed, and printer resolution.                                                                                  

    What should I consider when choosing a printer?

    There are several important features to consider when choosing a POS printer. Resolution indicates the quality of the print job where the higher the DPI (Dots Per Inch), the higher the resolution. The print speed of the point of sale printer can be important in saving time for you and your customer. There are also a variety of paper widths to choose from. Depending on how much you will be printing, the type of printer that is right for you may differ.

    Why should I use an impact printer (dot matrix printer)?

    Dot matrix printers are also called impact printers. Impact printers have a number of pins that strikes the ribbon and then the paper. Impact printers are useful for Point of Sale, bar codes, labels, invoices, statements, reports, and other important documents related to your business. With impact printers, you can make multiple copies (multi-part paper) to use for receipts; the image is permanent and will not fade. Impact printers are very cost effective and require an occasional ribbon change depending on the amount of printing you'll be doing.

    What's the difference between a dot-matrix printer and a thermal receipt printer?

    Dot matrix printers use a series of very small pins that rapidly impact against a ribbon, which causes an image to be transferred to a sheet of paper. Dot matrix printers are reliable and have the lowest operating costs although they are louder than thermal printers. Thermal printers use special heat sensitive ribbons or paper and create images onto the paper. Thermal printers print faster and are quieter than dot-matrix printers and have fewer moving components. Operating costs are higher on thermal printers because of the special ribbons or thermal paper rolls they have to use. Thermal printers cannot print on multi-part forms.

    What is a direct thermal printer?

    A direct thermal printer requires that special "thermally coated" paper be used for printing. The thermal head has direct contact with the thermal paper, which cause the item to be printed.

    What is a thermal transfer printer?

    Thermal transfer printers require thermal ribbons. The thermal ribbon is found in between the thermal print head and the thermal paper. The thermal head heats up the thermal ribbon and then transfers the image on to the paper.

    What type of point of sale printer should I use to print bar codes?

    Many types of POS printers can be used as bar code printers. In order to get the best resolution for your bar code, you should use a laser printer or a thermal bar code printer because of the sharp and clean lines they provide. A good quality ink jet printer, equipped with high quality coated or glossy receipt paper will also print bar codes. 24pin dot-matrix printers do a sufficient job printing larger bar codes, until their ribbons start to fade away.

    What is DPI (Dots Per Inch)?

    DPI refers to the quality of the printer and is directly related to the density of the print-head. An image is produced by a series of dots that appear on the label. The greater the number of dots on the label means there will be higher print quality or resolution.

    If I order several printer ribbons will they go bad?

    No, our printer ribbons are in sealed packaging. However, if you order several ribbons, it recommended that you store the spare ribbons in zip-lock bag until they are ready for use. The POS printer ribbons will remain fresh as long as you don't open the sealed ribbons until they are ready for use.

    What's an auto cutter (automatic paper cutter)?

    An auto cutter cuts off the receipt after being printed and is built into certain receipt printers to expedite transactions quickly. By entering special control codes in the POS software you can activate this feature. Auto cutters are also referred to as automatic paper cutters.

    What is a cash drawer?

    A cash drawer is a necessary component for any point of sale system. Cash drawers are attached to POS printers via serial or parallel ports.

    What is a serial interface?

    A serial interface is the type of attachment from the serial port of the printer to the serial port of a PC. Serial ports on a PC computer are male containing 9 or 25 pins.

    What is a parallel interface?

    A parallel interface is the type of attachment from the parallel port of the printer to the parallel port of the PC. It is always a 25pin female parallel port on a PC. Most parallel ports on printers will have a Centronics interface, but sometimes may require other interfaces.

    Correct storage of Thermal Paper

    THERMAL PAPER. All image stability guarantees on Thermal apply only if paper is stored and used according to these instructions. If selecting a thermal paper grade for an application where there is risk of contact with harmful materials or paper needs to have good preservable properties, please contact our customer service for assistance on selecting a suitable paper from our range of standard and extra long life grades.


    1. Avoid hot and humid environment

    • For long-term storage, store thermal paper in the dark at an average ambient temperature of less than 25°C and a relative humidity of less than 65%.
    • Thermal paper begins to develop colour at between 60°C to 100°C and reaches applicable density at between 70°C to 120°C. The paper, however, displays similar signs of development under high temperature or high humidity conditions. If the paper is used continuously at temperatures of 40°C or above for more than 24 hours, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature and humidity.

    2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

    • The paper will yellow if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The printed image also tends to fade in direct sunlight.
    • The image tends to fade when left exposed to conventional fluorescent light for prolonged periods of time. Therefore printed paper should be filed soon after printing.

    3. Do not use solvent-type adhesives

    • Adhesives containing volatile organic solvents such as alcohols, esters, ketones etc. cause color formation.
    • Adhesives based on starch, PVA or CMC are harmless and hence recommended.

    4. Avoid contact with plasticizers

    • PVC film contains plasticizer such as esterphtalate and prolonged contact reduces the image forming ability of the paper and causes printed image to fade as well. When storing the paper, files and cases made of polyolefins or polyesters are recommended.
    • Self-adhesive cellophane tapes might contain plasticizer which causes the printed image to fade. Tacking thermal paper with double sided self-adhesive tape, applied to the back side of  thermal paper, is not recommended.
    • Wax-type paper might also contain plasticizer and cause the image fading of thermal paper. Do not store these two types of paper in the same file or case.

    5. Others

    • Avoid direct contact with freshly developed diazo copying paper as it might induce colour forming on the surface of  thermal paper.
    • Avoid direct contact with carbon as well as carbon-less copying papers as these might reduce print ability or cause the printed image of thermal paper to fade.
    • Human body fluids like sweat causes the printed image of thermal paper to fade. Please pay attention to proper paper handling.
    • Thermal paper sheets must be stored with their printed surface separate from each other because the printed image might slightly be transferred from one surface to the other.
    • Frictional heat induced by scratching or pressure by hard metal objects, finger nails etc. causes images to be developed. Please pay attention to proper paper handling and avoid e.g. transportation of heavy jumbo rolls by rolling them on the floor.